I feel it's quite understandable that I haven't been posting because Thanksgiving.. But I still feel a bit bad for letting my blog sit so quietly. So here's what I got. As Christmas is coming up, I've been doing a bit of present and ahem personal shopping (I mean let's face it those deals are too good to not buy something for yourself amirite) and I've found some neat shopping - mostly online - that I feel I should share.


This site is kind of hard to believe. They sell quality dresses and sweaters and whatnot for insanely cheap. It's like online thrift shopping sans the whole second-hand part. I found this site a looooong while ago, and I must say my favorite part of it are the sweaters. Anyway, it's worth a look if nothing else.


They don't seem to be that well-known, which is sad really because they have beautiful accessories for ridiculous prices and free shipping to anywhere in the world. I checked them out on the recommendation of CutiePie Marzia on YouTube - an adorable young Italian fashion guru - and I don't know how I've lived this long without knowing about this site.


I doubt there are many fashion addicts left out there that haven't heard of Solestruck. It's pretty much the place to go for all the IT shoe designers these days. Jeffery Campbell, Dolce Vida and Dr. Martens just to name a few. I AM IN LOVE with the shoes over there.


I don't really have too much to say about this site beyond the fact that they have mad cute stuff and I would definitely recommend you check them out. The stuff is a little pricey, but if you love vintage as much as I do it's worth a look for a piece or too. I personally love their accessories and the prices on those aren't too bad. But yeah, overall.. very vintage, very comfy, and very cute.


This site definitely features more 'cutting edge' fashion, or at least as close as us commoners can get, heh. Their pieces are very interesting and DIY-esque; odd cuts, ombre and prints galore. Very Tumblr. They are a bit on the pricey side, which is the ONLY reason I haven't purchased from them yet. The Fashion Citizen over on YouTube have a few videos where they style some clothes from RiotLoco if you're curious to see them in action, so-to-speak.

And last but certainly nowhere near least...


My friend literally just showed this site to me today and I CANT STOP. They essentially sell my style left and right. It's brilliant! Again, a bit on the expensive side, but the dresses and prints and SHOES are just gorgeous. They seem to cater to a more vintage-y, girly tailored type sense of style, which I LOVE. Lots of classic cuts and retro patterns and cinched waist lines. I'm totally spamming my relatives with this site for Christmas, man. I need one of those dresses. It's just that serious.

Well, there you go. That's pretty much been my life recently besides work and school and Sherlock (yeah that happened) and Thanksgiving. I can only hope this will make up for the horrible lack in actual fashion posts until I can get the inspiration - or new clothes - to do a shoot. Meh.


Red Wool Fall

Shirt: JCPenney, Skirt: Gift, Cardigan: Thrifted, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: F21

It was a mission this time. After running out at the last moment before sundown and nearly freezing to death to get the track side photos, Demi and I decided that a different approach was needed. So this time, we knew where we wanted to go and made sure we'd have the time before sundown to get there. And it was certainly worth it.

Although it was a warmer day than we've had recently, I was determined to wear this red wool skirt. My mom gave it to me and it's just such a beautiful piece; vibrant color and very well made. The shirt is - surprisingly - from JCPenney. I've never liked their clothes, But when I was there with my sister most recently I was surprised to see that they've completely changed their look. While not Zara status, there is now some nice stuff in there. This shirt among them, I just love the color and the material is very soft. I'm not much of a fan of color blocking, but for whatever reason I fell in love with this teal and red color combination. Once again, the ever fabulous Demi Wells of Astronaumica is responsible for these great shots.


Track Side Trench

Sleeveless Trench Coat: Thrifted, Blue Print Dress: Thrifted, Bag: Thrifted, Cream Chucks: Gift, Lips: Revlon Creme in #663 and #447

I am proud to say that this outfit is almost entirely comprised of thrifted finds. As I'm sure I've mentioned, my most recent trip to America's Thrift was MORE than successful and I've been just dying to wear some of the stuff I found. But if we're being honest here, trench coats aren't very practical, as was discovered while trekking through the woods for these photos, so I haven't exactly been able to wear any of my more interesting pieces yet. But that hasn't stopped me from being in love with it. I found it in very good condition and am impressed with all the detail work. Made of a suede-like fabric and featuring epaulets (my mother tells me), breast pockets, and patterned collar detailing, it's a very tailored piece. And because I'm weird I paired it with my "moo moo" dress - that I don't care how frumpy it is because I am so in love with the print and MAN it's comfortable - for an eclectic look in keeping with my personality.

So I was beyond pleased when Miss Demetria Wells (right) aka Astronaumica told me she was in a photography type mood today. These fantastic shots are her doing, and it looks like we're going to be collaborating often in the future. As she is a talented friend, I couldn't be happier to be working with her. Joined by my gorgeous roommate Chanele (middle) aka Chanele in Black we make quite the dynamic trio.

Speckled Mustard

Shirt: Forever 21, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Gift, Bag: Thrifted, Shoes: Aldo

I picked up this skirt at America's Thrift. I know, you're probably sick of hearing that store name but I can't say enough about how much I love it there. I make out like a king most times I go. And with thrifting being so hit-or-miss, I say stick with what works.

Besides that I'm wearing some oxfords, my absolute favorite type of shoe, with socks and tights. A fail safe combination for fall if you ask me. And then there's the sheer button-down and collar necklace from F21 and H&M, respectively. Would you believe that this shirt is about down to my knees? I love tying off my button-downs like that but I honestly didn't think it would work at that length. This shirt is one of the most versatile things I own. Since it's so light it's perfect to stick under a sweater, and its breathable for those horrible Georgia summers. If you haven't already, I suggest you stock up on these. Because seriously, with 60 degree days followed by 40 degree nights, multipurpose clothes are the only way I survive.


Dead Doll

I was this glorious dead doll thing for all hallows eve this year. It was quite exciting to finally put all the contouring knowledge I've learned from a certain Michelle Phan to make myself look gaunt. The costumes was Dead Doll with the thing around my neck being a noose. It would have been great if I could have brought the knife and the bear to school with me, but even colleges have to draw the line somewhere. Heh.

Either way, I had fun, my friends liked the idea, and by the end of the night I was scaring myself with these photos. Pretty successful Halloween if you ask me.

AND CHEAP. All of the clothes were either thrifted or pre-owned (by me) so all I ended up spending was $15 for the fake blood and bloody rag, among other things like stuff for my jack-o-lantern and whatnot. Needless to say, I was pleased.

Thrifting Success

This is just a sneak peak at some of the steals I found when over at my local America's Thrift most recently. Let me just say right now that I only purchased these things about 2 or 3 weeks ago now and after I altered that leave patterned deep blue and tan thing - as it's still a surprise what they all are - I've decided it's my favorite [insert clothing article here] ever. It's soooooooo comfortable and flowy and, yeah. I'm simply in love.

This was most certainly one of the most successful hauls I've had to date.

I want to take this moment to apologize and explain

To any and all of you who may have been attempting to peruse this blog, I am sorry for the lack of material. I have only recently converted to Blogspot from Tumblr and the transition is an odd one. The blog I have been running over on Tumblr is a lot nicer and neater than this one and - perhaps most importantly - HAS A YEARS WORTH OF CONTENT. I've been fighting with the programs that supposedly are made to easily transfer posts from one blog to another as such but they are not having any of it. As such, one could say I had a rage quit moment of sorts as I was upset that it wasn't working and peeved at the idea of having to upload every. last. one. Again. One. At. A. TIME.

So needless to say I haven't been as active over here.. But I have returned with renewed motivation! I have plans to start from scratch and just post new things as they come if only to get some content up in here. I realized the longer I waited the more pictures I was taking and thus the longer it was going to take when I finally do get around to it. So I give up.. for now. I'll probably be slowly assimilating older photos into the blog but I've decided to stifle the perfectionist that lives within me and stop giving myself such a hard time with these things.

So yeah. If you are here, or have made it here from the future, and want MOAR feel free to visit my blog over on tumblr at roselesque.tumblr.com. Please and thank you lovelies.


Polish Designs

Nails nails nails nails nail. This is just a short post with my most recent experiments in nail polish. Once upon a time I painted my nails every week. Having them polished keeps me from picking at them so they'll grow and stay long. I had stopped for a few years and now I've started again. My recent favorites are pastels. I have to repaint them tomorrow as I'm trying to continue the habit.


Thrifted Patterns

Cropped Hoodie: Thrifted, Printed Pants: Thrifted

I picked up these blue beauties at America’s Thrift Store - depressing place really but definitely worth the visit - during the week and am basically in love with them. They’re incredibly comfortable and I just love the pattern and the colors. I actually didn't like them when I first saw them, but they were $1.49 and then 70% off on top of that.. I mean really, it'd be a sin to walk away from a deal like that. So I figured, at worst, I could alter them or use the fabric to make something else.

But in the end, paired with this cropped hoodie also from a thrift store - with lace shoulder detailing which I LOVE - and a arm full of some of my favorite bracelets, I came up with this really comfy laid back outfit that was perfect for the last day of the week. I had early classes that day so I wore a forest green knit scarf too. It was pretty great really.