Recent Finds: Call It Spring

I've been watching this trend of strappy minimalistic sandals for too long. I finally went and bought myself some. I've actually tried them on at a lot of places - naturally including Aldo where I love to buy shoes - but I have tiny ankles and the ankle strap never fit right. Lo and behold JC Penney had these sandals by Call It Spring that fit me just right. I wasn't there to shoe shop, me and my mom were just killing time. But I saw the flat and the demo shoe fit and I mean you know what they say. (By the way I swear I used to wear a 10 but this new shoe is definitely an 8 1/2 what's going on did they think I wouldn't notice?) I also picked up the other cause I'm a sucker for a chunky low heel. So yeah, "You have too many shoes" my dad would say, but he doesn't understand that I need them for reasons and things.

Call It Spring Incinesca Sandals X | Call It Spring Vitereta Flat Sandals X


Florals & Pastels

Shirt: H&M | Jeans: H&M | Tank: H&M | Shoes: JCP

This outfit is amazingly completely by H&M ('cept the shoes but more on them another time). I'm super pleased with what I found there. I'm guessing the Freedom Day sales are still in effect because about half the front of the store had those $5 and $10 signs we all know and love. These lilac jeans were a bit of an impulse buy, and they had a sale on jeans, but what I'm really stoked about are these babies right down here..

H&M &Denim High-Waist Jeans X

Now if you know me you know I live for high-waisted stuff. It just fits me better and of course it also helps that it makes me look all curvy and things. So I have been on the quest for high-waist anything for the past couple years and let me tell you they don't make it easy. If you follow me then you know that I generally thrift for shorts and buy Know Style's pants (for whatever reason they have the comfiest and most affordable high waist pants I've seen). But what they do not have is denim. Simple thing you'd think, but the only place I've seen it is American Apparel and lets be real nobody got time to be shelling out $90 for jeans. So let me tell you when I found these jeans at H&M on sale for $15 the sound I made was probably inappropriate.

Sleeveless Dress X | Floral Button Down | Black Tank | High Waist Jeans X | Lilac Jeans | Earrings

That's not even accounting for all the other stuff I found. Now I'm new to this whole "having the money to buy the things you need" thing so I haven't let myself go into H&M to shop for a few years at least cause they always have these ridiculous sales and I'm weak. But I just started at a new job (another graphic design position guys!!) and as luck(?) would have it I blew out my tire and while it was being fixed I was stuck at the mall with my first pay check. Haha, so naturally.. Ahem. To be fair I did technically need the things I bought.. I swear! Shut up.


HIATUS IS OVER (hopefully)


I can't even begin to describe this last year for me. It's been an emotional roller coaster and it feels like I only survived by the skin of my teeth. I think I'm back to stay now though. There's really not enough time in the day for me to talk about all the reasons why I've been gone, but I guess I can just mention the major stuff. Here goes!

| The younger generation after the Ceremony |

My grandpa that I was back and forth visiting last summer lost his fight with cancer a few weeks into the fall semester. The funeral was in September so naturally I went back to New York. It was a beautiful ceremony and I really enjoyed getting together with all my family and celebrating my Grandpa's life. I even got to speak, which was daunting to say the least, but I'm the eldest sibling so I was asked, and I agreed, and I survived.

But funerals will be funerals, and after the fact I was pretty down in the dumps; not in the mood for school and none too happy to be back in my lonely apartment after spending so much time surrounded by family. Needless to say I spent time away in NY and time away in my head that I couldn't really afford and paid for it for what felt like the rest of the year. Beyond that my tale is pretty normal. I spent Christmas break recuperating from school and then the new semester started and then I was working to save for a new computer and then the Atlanta Snopocalypse Marks 1 & 2 happened and you'd think I'd use that time to do things but I just watched Netflix which by the way sometime last semester I finally started Supernatural and #omg #icant and I'm all caught up now (cries) that and also FALL IS COMING where I'm taking more studio classes on more days than I have in life and so here we are.

I'm really no less busy, but the new computer makes doing web-related work in my downtime actually enjoyable – like it was meant to be – so I'm able to stay motivated. Just recently-ish I started interning as a graphic designer (mega exciting guys!), and I'm trying to find that balance between work/school/life so I can be productive in my career but still have time to myself. PLUS I've just moved into a house with two of my amazing friends. So overall I have a lot to look forward to and be happy about and it's keeping my spirits up. Unfortunately, it just made it impossible to keep up with my blogging so now I just have to do that, heheh..