Recent Finds: Call It Spring

I've been watching this trend of strappy minimalistic sandals for too long. I finally went and bought myself some. I've actually tried them on at a lot of places - naturally including Aldo where I love to buy shoes - but I have tiny ankles and the ankle strap never fit right. Lo and behold JC Penney had these sandals by Call It Spring that fit me just right. I wasn't there to shoe shop, me and my mom were just killing time. But I saw the flat and the demo shoe fit and I mean you know what they say. (By the way I swear I used to wear a 10 but this new shoe is definitely an 8 1/2 what's going on did they think I wouldn't notice?) I also picked up the other cause I'm a sucker for a chunky low heel. So yeah, "You have too many shoes" my dad would say, but he doesn't understand that I need them for reasons and things.

Call It Spring Incinesca Sandals X | Call It Spring Vitereta Flat Sandals X

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  1. I really like the ones with the clunky heel. I've been seeing similar ones on all the fashion blogs. They are so in style and chic!