HIATUS IS OVER (hopefully)


I can't even begin to describe this last year for me. It's been an emotional roller coaster and it feels like I only survived by the skin of my teeth. I think I'm back to stay now though. There's really not enough time in the day for me to talk about all the reasons why I've been gone, but I guess I can just mention the major stuff. Here goes!

| The younger generation after the Ceremony |

My grandpa that I was back and forth visiting last summer lost his fight with cancer a few weeks into the fall semester. The funeral was in September so naturally I went back to New York. It was a beautiful ceremony and I really enjoyed getting together with all my family and celebrating my Grandpa's life. I even got to speak, which was daunting to say the least, but I'm the eldest sibling so I was asked, and I agreed, and I survived.

But funerals will be funerals, and after the fact I was pretty down in the dumps; not in the mood for school and none too happy to be back in my lonely apartment after spending so much time surrounded by family. Needless to say I spent time away in NY and time away in my head that I couldn't really afford and paid for it for what felt like the rest of the year. Beyond that my tale is pretty normal. I spent Christmas break recuperating from school and then the new semester started and then I was working to save for a new computer and then the Atlanta Snopocalypse Marks 1 & 2 happened and you'd think I'd use that time to do things but I just watched Netflix which by the way sometime last semester I finally started Supernatural and #omg #icant and I'm all caught up now (cries) that and also FALL IS COMING where I'm taking more studio classes on more days than I have in life and so here we are.

I'm really no less busy, but the new computer makes doing web-related work in my downtime actually enjoyable – like it was meant to be – so I'm able to stay motivated. Just recently-ish I started interning as a graphic designer (mega exciting guys!), and I'm trying to find that balance between work/school/life so I can be productive in my career but still have time to myself. PLUS I've just moved into a house with two of my amazing friends. So overall I have a lot to look forward to and be happy about and it's keeping my spirits up. Unfortunately, it just made it impossible to keep up with my blogging so now I just have to do that, heheh..