I want to take this moment to apologize and explain

To any and all of you who may have been attempting to peruse this blog, I am sorry for the lack of material. I have only recently converted to Blogspot from Tumblr and the transition is an odd one. The blog I have been running over on Tumblr is a lot nicer and neater than this one and - perhaps most importantly - HAS A YEARS WORTH OF CONTENT. I've been fighting with the programs that supposedly are made to easily transfer posts from one blog to another as such but they are not having any of it. As such, one could say I had a rage quit moment of sorts as I was upset that it wasn't working and peeved at the idea of having to upload every. last. one. Again. One. At. A. TIME.

So needless to say I haven't been as active over here.. But I have returned with renewed motivation! I have plans to start from scratch and just post new things as they come if only to get some content up in here. I realized the longer I waited the more pictures I was taking and thus the longer it was going to take when I finally do get around to it. So I give up.. for now. I'll probably be slowly assimilating older photos into the blog but I've decided to stifle the perfectionist that lives within me and stop giving myself such a hard time with these things.

So yeah. If you are here, or have made it here from the future, and want MOAR feel free to visit my blog over on tumblr at roselesque.tumblr.com. Please and thank you lovelies.

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