New Year New Clothes

Jacket: Macy's, Boot: Macy's, Shirts: Nordstrom & Macy's, Jeans: Delia's, iPhone Case: Nordstrom

I think I made out pretty well this Christmas. I've been wanting a smaller pea coat than the heavy one I have, I've been wanting lace up ankle boots, I always want more button downs and socks, and GOOD LORD I must have been wanting an iPhone for at least two years now. All in all I think my family knows me very well. The main reason for the lateness of this post (besides me being on vacation and being beyond lazy) is that I've been wearing/using most of these things and couldn't get a photo of them until now. And being a college student means final exams and projects consumed my life between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so there you go. All my humble excuses for being absent are now laid bare.

Also can we all just take a moment to appreciate THE HOBBIT which came out on the 14th and guess who was there at midnight yeah if you guessed me you'd be right. So, in short.. A Good Christmas.


  1. I'm just so exited that you have an iphone. Like, maybe even happier than you! No more missed calls! Yay :3