Leibster Award

So back in March I was nominated for the Leibster award by the wonderful Jamara Brown of MindMash as well as Adeshola Agboola of NoPriceTagsFashion, two beautiful ladies with mad style who think I have some style myself. My life has been on a rollercoaster recently because of grades and school and the never ending job hunt so I'm just now getting to these. I know, I'm terrible. But this whole summer vacation thing will allow me to post much more regularly to apologize. So let's get into it!

Here are the rules:

1. Share 11 things about about yourself.

2. Answer the 11 questions that your tagger has given you.

3. Choose 11 bloggers to tag. They must have less than 200 Google friend connect followers. (No Tag backs).

4. Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers you have nominated. (leave a comment on their blogs telling them they were nominated)

5. Don't forget to thank the person/people that nominated you!

About Me

1. Rose is one of my middle names

2. I am a HUGE fangirl. I grew up on anime and manga and still love em

3. My favourite show ever of all time and life is Sherlock

4. I want to move to the UK (I live in Georgia currently and it's eh)

5. I hate horror movies but have a thing for horror video games

6. I'm studying to be a graphic designer in university

7. I am INCREDIBLY lazy when I'm uninterested in whatever

8. I have a healthy addiction to the fandom side of tumblr

9. My afro solidified my self confidence

10. I have a younger sister who I love to pieces and bits

11. Cat's, Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, fanfiction, dubstep, Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit, Minecraft, Benedict Cumberbatch and Roosterteeth are my guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures

Adeshola Agboola's Questions

1. What's your life Motto?

"Do what you love and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

2. Favorite Lyrics?

At the moment.. "Mona Lisa, I'd love to see you frown" from The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! at the Disco & "I'm stuck in the Tardis, trapped in upper space" (for whovian reasons) from Up on a Ladder by Radiohead. And "steal away, you and me, to a cave, made of sheets" from Cards & Quarters by The Local Natives. Oh! And "Sit back relax, sit back relapse again" from Camisado by Panic! at the Disco. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out is just classic. I'm sure there are plenty more that I can't think of.

3. How did you fall in love with fashion?

I don't know. It kind of runs in the family. But I suppose it was around middle school that I decided I didn't like what was going around in pop culture (which may or may not have had anything to do with my being extremely different from everyone), so I started to look for something I did like, and here I am. Continuous evolution is my motto for fashion.

4. What's your Favorite piece of clothing?

Well you see, I'm an odd case because although I love looking good, my style exists mainly for comfort. So with it being summer I've taken to throwing on these frumpy, shapeless house dresses. I have this one blue one in particular that I wear to death (if you know me then you know which one) I love them and don't think they look all that terrible, but my family teases me endlessly for it. But yeah, dresses and skirts are probably my favourite thing right now. It's too damn hot in Georgia for real clothes.

5. Favorite Country?

It's between Japan and the United Kingdom. Japan for the culture and history, and the UK for the pop culture and fashion. I hear Doctor Who and Sherlock are staples over there, and I am 3000% done with American pop culture.

6. Bravest moment?

What an interesting question. I suppose my first real play. I was one of the Dynamites in Hairspray and I had a bit of a solo. I've never sang before for ANYONE EVER. So the audition and subsequent performance were probably the scariest things I've ever done. Not to mention my friends that signed me up for the thing saw fit to inform me of my audition THE DAY OF so I had scant hours to prepare. I've never been so terrified in my life.

7. First Love (In any way)

Inuyasha. Followed by Kenshin, Zack Fair, Sherlock & John and the Tenth Doctor (Well you did say in any way). But really. I still love them, which is more than I can say for most guys. I tend to crush harder on characters than actual people. Although there is this one guy..

8. Favorite artist (Musically or otherwise)

Well picking a favourite music artist is absolutely impossible so I'm going to pick a painter. Probably Salvador Dali. He constantly inspires me to push the boundaries of reality with my own work.

9. What's your best feature?

My hair, on popular opinion. But while I hella love my hair (and I really do) I've always really liked my eyes. Probably the one feature I can say I've always loved.

10. Hugs or Kisses?

Depends on the person. Hugs in general. But I haven't been kissed in years. I'd really like to try that out with some delicious, dark haired man in a neat suit, yea?

11. What fabric would your dream clothing be made of?

Something stretchy. Like whatever they use to make jeans nowadays. Or that really soft, worn cotton that old t-shirts have.

Jamara Brown's Questions

1. Describe yourself in three words.

Odd. Misunderstood. Well-spoken.

2. Who's your favorite musician?

Um. That's a loaded question for a music addict. For the purposes of this questionnaire I'm going to say Simian Mobile Disco, Justice, Savant, Local Natives, Deadmau5, Ratatat, Muse, Arcade Fire, Beirut, and Beach House as those are who I am crushing on right now.

3. If you had a superpower what would it be, and why?

Flight. I've always wanted to be able to fly. Like a mermaid in the air. I dream about it a lot.

4. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Wasting my time.

5. Who's your biggest role model?

I'm going to be really super cliche here and say my parents because my parents are absolutely amazing and I can't think of anyone better.

6. What do you fear most?

Life. People. I have an awkward personality, and dealing with that whole "contributing member of society" whatnot is really tiring.

7. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

When I was much younger I used to wear this fake pony tail to school sometimes. One time it fell off during recess while we were running around the track. I remember screaming, picking it up and hiding under one of the play sets clearly, but I don't remember the scarring aftermath that I know had to follow because I know people saw. I must have blocked it out. Now that I think about it.. my general distaste for fake hair is probably the result.

8. What are your hobbies?

Reading, blogging, drawing, sleeping. Rewatching Sherlock and pining for the new series. I'm pretty much your average college kid. Sans the parties. I hate parties.

9. Who's the most important person in your life?

Probably my sister. There are no words for how much she means to me.

10. Three things you want to do before you die?

Sky dive. Travel. Marriage and romance and lazy sundays on the couch.

11. If you could, would you change anything about your life? If yes, what would you change?

Not particularly. I try not to get bogged down by regrets. I guess I wish I would have gone natural earlier. And I'd like to be graduated from college and working as a graphic designer or something artsy like NOW. That'd be nice.

My Nominations.

1. Demi Wells of Astronaumica.com

2. Oroma R. of La-Grunge

3. Nadja of Nadja's Closet

4. Inês Prates of Urban Catwalk

5. Jacque of Lioness

6. Garen of Black Alternative Hair and Beauty

7. Ally Maddix of The Perks of Being Ally

8. Alaina of The Future Reflection

I know that's not 11 but most of the blogs I follow have at least 500 followers so I couldn't pick them. I was ignoring the rules for few of you as it is.

Anyway, here are the questions I'd like you lovelies to answer.

1. Do you enjoy meeting new people

2. What was your favorite TV show as a child?

3. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?

4. What's your favorite time of year?

5. In what ways do you relax?

6. What's your approach to making your bed?

7. What is your dream job?

8. Do you go first or let others go first?

9. Read a book or go to a party?

10. Coffee or Tea?

11. If you could spend 15 minutes with any living person, who would it be and why?

There. I picked some tricksey ones. I figure they'll get some interesting responses. Thanks again to Adeshola and Jamara for my nomination and to the ones I nominated, hope you have as much fun with this as I did!


  1. Wow this is great! Thanks so much! It'll take me a few days to gather my thoughts and answer these..I cant wait!

    Also, I feel you on fearing people because of awkwardness..and I need to get on Sherlock and Dr. Who I keep hearing about them!

    1. Cool! I look forward to your responses!

      I knew I wasn't the only one. People are scary sometimes. Oh yeah, I completely recommend them. Doctor Who is kind of a silly funny show and Sherlock is this beautifully filmed modern deliciousness so it's like the best of both worlds if you ask me. They're both on Netflix for instant streaming :]

  2. Yay for awkward people! I loved reading your answers, you seem super interesting and cool.

    Thanks for answering <3

    1. Woot! Glad you think so. I like to think so anyway. Glad you think so too.

      Thanks for such fun questions. I'm just sorry it took so long for me to answer them!

  3. Thank you for answering my question I totally appreciate it ^_^

  4. this is awesome! and thanks so much for nominating me; it'll take me some a day or two to get my thoughts together as I just finished my second-year exams.

    your answers are awesome; I really liked getting to know you this way! :D

    1. No problem, man. Lord knows it took me forever to answer mine.

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!