Casually High-Waist

|| High Waist Blue/Green Pants: Know Style ||

These pants are literally my favourite anythings right now. Half the reason I haven't posted recently is because I've been chillin in these, a random shirt and a lack of make-up. Very comfortable for me, but not very interesting for you. That and I'm horrifically, disgustingly, horrendously, terrifically lazy. Anyway, I found these babies at this store called Know Style at our local mall. Terrible customer service, comfy as hell jeans. I have plans to go back and buy the other colors. Like, all of them. They're high waist (which I've only been looking for for about 2 years since I bought my first and only pair at H&M) and mad comfortable. They basically feel like leggings and if you know me you know I'd always rather wear leggings than jeans. The rest of the clothes I'm wearing in these looks are either old enough that I have no idea where they're from or - as per usual - are thrifted.

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